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The Muslim Women's Organization is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We need your contributions and support to continue our work. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of women and our community! MWO also accepts donations in the form of Zakat and Fidya.*


  1. You can click the buttons below to submit a one-time general donation or set up a recurring monthly donation to MWO.

  2. Checks made payable to MWO can be mailed to the Muslim Women’s Organization, 2813 S Hiawassee Road, #103, Orlando, FL 32835

  3. Send money via Venmo to @MWO-Orlando

Join our emPOWER TOgetHER Network!

The Muslim Women's Organization is excited to be opening the doors to our new Resource Center in the heart of Orlando! It will be a safe and welcoming space for Muslim women and our allies to come together and support one another through education, leadership training and outreach programs. We are dedicated to building a sisterhood and advancing gender equity within our community. We can only sustain our work through your continued generosity and monthly support. Join our monthly donor network and let's emPOWER TogetHER!

*Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID #: 45-3740080. All Donations expressly designated as Zakat by the donor will only be used for MWO’s programs that provide assistance to Zakat eligible families. For our Zakat policy, email Any donations received after a specific service project has ended or been fully funded for any given year will be considered general donations to be used for MWO programs and general operating expenses unless the donor provides specific instructions for intended use of funds.

To see all that we were able to accomplish through your generosity and assistance in the past, check our our annual reviews:

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