Gender Equity Initiative

To uncover the needs of Muslim women, and implement programs to increase awareness and create a positive change.


Leaders in Training

Upcoming Leaders in Training session will be open to both girls and boys and focused on the character development of future leaders. Youth in high school are welcome to apply!


Community Service Projects

MWO believes in empowering women to lead in the service of humanity. We accomplish this through providing opportunities to receive project management training through community service projects like CARE Packages and Hope in a Basket.


Outreach Programs

MWO is dedicated to reaching out within and outside of the Muslim community to ensure that all women feel welcome and included in a compassionate sisterhood.

The MWO Hub

A welcoming and safe space to connect, reflect, and grow together.

Address: 2813 S. Hiawassee Road, Suite 103, Orlando, FL 32835

Check out our Calendar for events and happenings!


Are you looking for a sexual and gender diversity affirming space for Muslims? Are you looking for the support to be Muslim and accepted exactly as you are? Do you want to connect with other Muslims in your community and learn from their experiences? Orlando’s Muslim Women’s Organiztion (MWO) has started a Sexual and Gender Diversity Task Force which aims to create an open, loving, and accepting space for all who seek Allah’s (SWT) Grace, Love, and Mercy. We welcome all genders and honor confidentiality. To respect privacy and ensure safety, dates and times of SGD Task Force meet-ups will not be added to public calendar. You can contact us at sgd@mwo-orlando.org to join the support group.


Zakat-ul-Fitr Eid Gift cards for Zakat recipient families made possible by Penny Appeal USA and Eid Orlando.