Truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise.
— Prophet Muhammad

Gender Equality Survey

Many people think that Muslim women are forced to wear hijab or forced into marriage. Many Muslim women may find difficulty getting married or getting hired. Some Muslim women have been subjected to verbal/physical abuse or sexual harassment in the streets, the workplace or at home. There is a great need to discover the lived experiences of women.

MWO is conducting a survey for Muslim women in order to provide accurate answers to highlight the needs of women in our community and to refute false and inaccurate claims and narratives used to oppress women. 

Once the needs are more fully understood, we can offer various workshops led by professional experts to seek solutions for the problems that Muslim women may be facing today. We are also committed to providing links to resources needed for the most marginalized women in the community. 

Also based on the survey's results, MWO will involve Imams and Muslim leaders to find solutions and provide educational programs on the most concerning issues for Muslim women and their families.

Your input will help us serve you better. So, please go to:  and let your voice be heard!

For more information or to get involved in the initiative, please contact Amany Shalaby, MWO's Gender Equity Coordinator, at