Celebrating the traditions of Ramadan with our Friends of different faiths.

Celebrating the traditions of Ramadan with our Friends of different faiths.

MULTI-Faith Iftar

During Ramadan, MWO hosts a multi-faith iftar and dinner, inviting women from other faiths to join us to break fast together. It is a fun and heartwarming evening that is spent sharing experiences and making friends.

Speaker's Bureau

In this Islamophobic climate it is becoming openly accepted to throw around ideas like putting badges on Muslims and banning us from the USA. Increasingly we face awkward questions from our friends, coworkers and neighbors of different faiths. 

Many Muslim women in the community are especially prone to being approached in public, with hijabs serving as identification. Having prepared and intelligent answers to questions brought to you or even a prepared presentation for your local friends or coworkers who are becoming increasingly wary of Muslims could be a way for you to DO something Instead of stumbling through answers or avoiding questions altogether.

To give Muslim women the tools to make a difference and foster understanding and diversity, MWO is beginning a Muslim Women’s Speakers Bureau that will allow you to:

·         Feel confident and prepared with answers when people have questions.

·         Be better able to present about Islam at schools, offices, other community institutions

·         Have trained women prepared to go out into the community when needed

 If you are interested in joining the Muslim Women’s Speakers Bureau, please email Sara Safder sarasafder1@yahoo.com for details.


Convert Care

The Muslim Women’s Organization is a diverse group of women working together to make the world a better place.  We recognize that many of our members are new to the religion of Islam.  We hope to provide for their needs and create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Towards this end, MWO is collaborating with other local Muslim organizations to create a Convert Care Committee.  The mission of this committee is to provide an educational, social and spiritual support network to empower converts and aid them with their transition into embracing Islam. Through working together, we hope to share services and benefit from mentorship with existing convert care programs in the greater Central Florida community.

The primary initiatives of the Convert Care Committee include:

·         Curriculum following mutually shared principles

·         Calendar of events for new Muslims

·         Convert Care Training seminars for organization leaders

For more information, or to get involved in the above initiatives, please contact Rihab Basha rihab@mwo-orlando.org