Gender Equity & Social Responsibility Initiative


The Muslim Women’s Organization (MWO) is proud to announce that we will be launching a Gender Equity and Social Responsibility Initiative. As an organization that often challenges the status quo to empower women, the MWO’s vision of establishing a world in which every Muslim woman has the opportunity to lead in the service of humanity can only be fulfilled if we equip all women with the tools needed to transform lives without fear of being discriminated against due to any divisive bigotry that exists in today’s society. 

Sexual harassment and domestic violence are sadly becoming prevalent in our community and women often find themselves with nowhere to turn. Often women are excluded from full and equitable participation in institutions because of not only their gender, but also a multitude of other issues, including their religious ideology, race, social status, and even sexual orientation.  They are left to deal with societal problems without the support, resources and dignity every human being was granted by their Creator.  

The MWO has hired a Gender Equity Advancement Coordinator to determine the needs of the Muslim women in our community, and subsequently, create a Gender Equity Handbook with guidelines for establishing inclusive and socially responsible institutions. This handbook will focus on combating the most pressing issues affecting Muslim women, including misogyny, xenophobia, domestic violence, homophobia, sexual harassment, and advocating for inclusive spaces and representation in Muslim leadership. It would be used as a resource for leaders within Islamic institutions to be advocates for the most marginalized women in the community that are most in need of support. 

The coordinator will implement programming which would be available to all women in the community. 

This program was made possible by a grant from Contigo Fund, an initiative of Our Fund Foundation.

Please fill out our Gender Equity Survey so that we as an organization can better understand the needs of the women in our community.