A man once said to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): “I have plenty of property, a large family, a great deal of money, and I am a gracious host to my guests. Tell me how to conduct my life and how to spend (my money).” The Prophet replied: “Give (regular charity) out of your property, for truly it is a purifier, and be kind to your relatives and acknowledge the rights of the poor, neighbors and (those in need who seek your help)
— Fiqh-us-Sunnah

With our C.A.R.E. Program, the MWO strives to provide numerous opportunities for women and their families to give back to the community during our blessed month of Ramadan.  Beginning with distributing C.A.R.E. Packages before the month begins, to feeding the homeless during Ramadan, and ending with an Eid Gift and Clothing Drive, we continue our efforts throughout the month. 

For more information about MWO's CARE Initiatives, contact our Director of Community Service, Maryam Khan at or call (407) 967-7531.

If you, or someone you know, would like to receive Ramadan or Eid assistance, please fill out an assistance request HERE. All requests received by MWO will remain anonymous.

CARE Package Contents (contents vary every year, depending on funding and need)

CARE Package Contents (contents vary every year, depending on funding and need)

CARE Packages

Help the MWO provide Ramadan food & assistance to struggling families from Mosques and other Institutions throughout Central Florida with this annual Community Assistance for Ramadan & Eid (C.A.R.E.) Initiative!

This year, our goal is to help 500 families, God-willing. We can't do it without your prayers, efforts, and generosity. Every dollar helps, and there are numerous ways to contribute. 

FOR ONLY $50 PER PACKAGE, you can provide C.A.R.E. Packages with the following items (more items might be added if donated): Dates, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Chick Peas, Vermicelli, Lentils, Flour, Pancake mix, Oatmeal, Syrup, Drink mix, Salt, Pepper, Dessert mix, Tomato cans, Oil, Meat vouchers and more!

MWO is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  All CARE Package donations are zakat/fidya eligible and tax-deductible.  Specify specific donation type when submitting donation form.

Eid Gifts

The families that receive CARE Packages can get additional assistance, in the form of gifts and Eid attire at the end of Ramadan.  Every year, women from the MWO sign up to purchase and donate special Eid gifts for the children of the families that need assistance.  Each interested member is given the name & age of a child, which makes gifts personalized.   The parents of the children arrange for a special time to pick up the gifts, and personally give them to their children.   Along with Eid gifts, each family is given a special treat.

For details about Eid Gift drive, contact project manager, Sophia Ansari (

Chocolates from MWO are given to the families when they pick up their Eid gifts and clothes.

Chocolates from MWO are given to the families when they pick up their Eid gifts and clothes.


Eid Clothing Drive

Throughout the month of Ramadan, new and barely used, formal Eid attire is collected from the community.  In a private location, when the parents arrive to pick up their kids’ Eid gifts, they can look through the hundreds of elegant clothes showcased and select special outfits for their whole family.

For Drop off locations, email contact Samina Rahman at 


If you own a business and/or would like to become a C.A.R.E. Sponsor by making a contribution of $500 and above or large quantities of package items, please consider supporting MWO's CARE Initiative.  It is through sponsorship that MWO is able to provide meat vouchers, gift cards, and more.


The MWO partners with local Mosques and other local institutions to distribute CARE Packages to the population that is in need of assistance.  Any religious institution, or non-profit organization can apply for partnership.  Click below to become a Partner Organization.