Empower Women.

Impact Lives.



To give Muslim women the opportunity to enrich their lives through Community Service, Outreach, and Personal Development. By empowering women today, we invest in a better tomorrow, for all.


A world where every Muslim woman has the opportunity to lead in the service of humanity.

"I hope to empower the women around me and to challenge the patriarchal systems that try to oppress them."

- Fatima Sadaf Saied, President of MWO


The Muslim Women's Organization endeavors to be a dynamic presence that benefits all of humanity, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, through supporting existing community initiatives and providing unique, women-led, opportunities for women and their families to get involved in and make a difference.


Gender Equity

As an organization that often challenges the status quo to empower women, the MWO’s vision of establishing a world in which every Muslim woman has the opportunity to lead in the service of humanity can only be fulfilled if we equip all women with the tools needed to transform lives without fear of being discriminated against due to any divisive bigotry that exists in today’s society. 

This program is made possible by a grant from Contigo Fund, an initiative of Our Fund Foundation.



Help the MWO provide Ramadan food & assistance to struggling families from Mosques and other Institutions throughout Central Florida with this annual Community Assistance for Ramadan & Eid (C.A.R.E.) Initiative!

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